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Noyan Afzon Chem Products

Noyan Afzon Chem is currently producing and offering different additives, such as a variety of Wetting and Dispersing agents (water-based, solvent-based, and solvent-free), Antifoams (water-based, solvent-based, and solvent-free), and Slip & Leveling for Specialized Paint and Coating Industries

The first and only manufacturer of special Packages for epoxy systems in Iran, including:

Defoamers & Air Release Additives: (NACO-DF 2022 counter product EFKA 2723), (NACO-DF 2027 counter product EFKA 2722),(NACO-DF 2030 counter product BYK A 530),
Wetting & Dispersing Additive: NACO-DS 1065 S counter product BYK 220 S
Wetting & Dispersing Additive: NACO-DS 1046 counter product EFKA 4046
Leveling Additive: NACO-L 3077 counter product EFKA 3777

About Noyan Afzon Chem

لوگو نویان افزون

About us

We believe the company’s length of existence doesn’t always mean definite success and prosperity. Noyan Afzon Chem is a young and expert corporation, led by a management team with decades of experience in the coatings and additives industries. NAC always focuses on innovating first-ever generated products in Iran and quickly became one of the leading paints and coatings additives suppliers in regions’ markets. These additives, which include solvent-based, solvent-free, water-based, or universal systems wetting & dispersing, defoamer-air release & leveling are successfully used in the paint and coatings industry including epoxy internal flow coating for pipelines, epoxy flooring, automotive coatings, construction coatings, coil coatings, inks, adhesives, other industrial coatings, and oils.
We are always working to provide competitive advantages in the market for our customers by continuous innovation and consistently expanding our product range based on the needs of customers, achieving and maintaining international quality and selling without intermediaries.
According to the significant changes that small amounts of additives make in your product’s performance, we believe that:

One drop of our products can change the equations.


International quality and its permanency is an essential stage of keeping our customers,


Your satisfaction is our best achievement,


We always focus on innovating first-ever generated products in Iran

By relying on the technical knowledge of the research team’s members, experienced sales and Support’s specialists, and Also with continuous efforts, it hopes that in the near future, Noyan Afzon Chem will become one of the reputable additive brands in the region.

Some companies that we are honored to cooperate with are as follows:

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Noyan Afzon Chem, No 47-48 first building, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Research Institute, Pajouhesh Blvd, Km 15th Tehran Karaj Highway, Tehran, Iran

Postal code: 149 771 311 5

Phone number: 021- 447 870 95 . 021-447 870 98

WhatsApp: +98 905 603 063 5

Email: info@noyanafzon.com

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